Welcome to the web site of Chaplin Creek Village which was founded and is supported by the Franklin Grove Area Historical Society.

Chaplin Creek Village is an evolving, full-scale historical restoration project or living history museum, depicting a prairie settlement typical of the middle 19th century. The village is being developed around a crossroads as many small communities did at that time. The name for the village, “Chaplin”, comes from the first settlement in the area, which was just north of the historic site at the intersection of Lahman and State streets in the Village of Franklin Grove.

The Historical Society sponsors several events at Chaplin Creek Village several times throughout the year. During the rest of the year, the site is open to visitors to tour the various historic buildings, gardens and grounds. We even have visitors from as far as Malaysia & Singapore. On the last summer holidays period, we have been visited by the company staff from Easybook malaysia bus tickets online booking website together with Malaysia Mayang Sari bus the bus operators’ guest.

For information concerning Chaplin Creek Village and the Franklin Grove Area Historical Society, including becoming a member and our special events, please write to us at [email protected].