Franklin Grove Area Historical Society

“Preserving Our Heritage is Pioneering Our Future”

Known for introducing the Franklin Grove Village Annual Summer Harvest Festival, well over thirty years ago, the Historical Society and its founding members also created reminders of one of the Village’s most significant achievements… The Whitney #20 Siberian Crab Apple. Throughout the Village of Franklin Grove you will see the image of the Whitney #20 crab apple tree as displayed here. In recognition of this historic achievement, the Historical Society has held Post Office Box 20 as its mailing address for many years.

Membership in the Historical Society is available through annual, reoccurring membership fees or through a one-time lifetime membership fee. The fee structure is as follows:

  • Individual Membership: $20 per year
  • Student Membership: $10 per year
  • Senior (over 65) Membership: $10 per year
  • Family Membership (Mom, Dad and Students): $40 per year
  • Lifetime Individual Membership $150 one-time investment

Becoming a member is simple, please download the Application for Membership, complete it and mail it with your membership fee to:

Franklin Grove Area Historical Society
Post Office Box 20
Franklin Grove, Illinois 61031

For information concerning Chaplin Creek Village and the Franklin Grove Area Historical Society, including becoming a member and our special events, please write to us at [email protected].